Emily’s Rap


Feature Film


Emily Prosser was once a petite, young and gorgeous, wanna-be singer. Now, she’s a ghost… a very angry, lonely and desperate ghost trapped between here and the after-life in a 100-year old barn. Emily will remain in that barn until freed by the secret that ended her life 40 years ago.
It was in the early 1970’s when the old dairy barn located deep in the New England countryside was converted into a recording studio. Emily was there as the favored groupie to the reigning rock superstar of the 1970’s. Unfortunately for Emily, she became unfavored not coincidently with becoming pregnant with the married rock star’s baby. Soon after delivering the news to the father-to-be, young Emily disappeared without a trace…
Until four ego-centric hip hop stars–three men and a woman–gather at the remote studio 40 years later to rehearse for a highly-anticipated, reunion world tour. Almost immediately things start going bump in the barn. The bumps get louder and the visuals get scarier until they discover Emily and her secret.


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