Feature Film

Period Drama

The true story of the Chevalier de Saint-George (“Knight of Saint-George”) depicts the rise, fall, and rebirth of an athletic, musical, and military phenom who became a superstar in 18th century France.
Born on Christmas Day, 1745, on the French-Caribbean island of Guadeloupe to a Senegalese slave mother and a white, French aristocrat, Saint-George went on to become a breakthrough composer and violin virtuoso known as “Le Mozart Noir”.
In addition to becoming the first black man to lead France`s most important orchestras, Saint-George was also Europe`s finest fencer, a master horseman, elite musketeer, infamous playboy, and a colonel who led an army in the French Revolution. Easily the “King of Pop” for his time, Saint-George`s celebrity was known throughout Europe, being described by poets of his day as a “French Hercules”, “a veritable Mars”, and a “rival of Apollo”. As a friendly rival of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and private tutor/secret lover of patron, Marie Antoinette, Saint-George enjoyed a celebrity few men of color possessed then and now.
Chevalier de Saint-George stands out as one of the most extraordinary figures of the 18th century with a true story that begs for a cinematic treatment. This film will be the first dramatic feature telling of his life.


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