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Well into the second decade of the new millennium many see the music industry as contracting, both as a business and as a means of presenting the art form.  At Long View we have a different vision.  Our view is of an industry expanding across exploding media platforms constrained neither by borders nor boundaries.

Since the 1970’s, the studios at Long View Farm have been serving up platinum and Grammy-winning recordings.  Long View Entertainment is building on this rich history and idyllic setting to become the key destination for the production of film, television and new media content—all with music at its core.  Please scroll down and explore our vision of what the future holds.

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    The Ultimate Creative Environment

    Artists cannot chase the muse.  It comes to them on its own time, gestating in a space that is conducive to its creation.  Long View has been enabling many of the world’s greatest creators for decades with the understanding that creativity requires the perfect balance between privacy and collaboration, distraction removal and sensory targeting, inspiration and the business of embracing deadlines.


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    Creative Muses

    It all comes back to creative muses. When artist creates, there is clearly something that they must keep in touch with – call it a muse. For many people, creating music is not something that can be done in a few hours at a designated time, but rather must be done in an open block of time. Wide-open time allows the muse to warm up and follow all of the strange leads and avenues that may develop. Some days the muse and the music simply aren’t happening. Maybe the artist is tired, or just bored. Having to deal with hotel reservations, taxi cabs, getting out to dinner – all of these things drain the energy that is needed for the muse to work. The result can be a project that is more frustrating than music projects should be.

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    Locked out

    Thus the concept of residential studios such as Long View. The idea is to eliminate all of the unnecessary stress from the recording process. The artists live and work at Long View. The studio is always ‘locked out’; meaning that no one else will be there except for the artist who is in residence. This way, the artist can go in and out of the studio when they feel comfortable working. There is no worrying about rushing to get out so the next act can get in. The artists have a blank page and peace of mind so that they can create whenever they wish.


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