The Farm Series

barn open recording

60 minute Episodic Drama Series

Nova Chenelle grew up in a tiny Massachusetts town with three churches, one grocery store and no street lights. The high school graduates maybe thirty kids in a good year and President Obama will never be more than an undocumented Kenyan Islamist.

This tiny New England town is also home to a recording studio complex known to A-list musical celebrities as the place to go to escape promoters, record label execs and paparazzi when privacy is required to make their music.
Nova is a product of both the town and the studio, and after a ten-year stint away after having become a celebrity in her own right, she returns home, broke and broken by the business. She returns to a young son who barely knows her; a vainglorious mother perennially disappointed in her only daughter, an unemployable brother resentful of his sister’s success and a small town primed to offer her the same rejection she served up to them a years prior in her exit.
With her professional and personal life a shambles and with few remaining options to care for herself and her son, Nova turns to the last place she ever thought she’d see again... The Farm Studios.


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