Andreas Kyriakos

With a solid techno-background combined with cultural diversity, financial savvy, organizational know-how and team-leading experience, Mr. Kyriakos brings to the team the requisite experience in molding new international enterprises from their inception, adding structure and controls required for funding and successful completion of their early and expansion stages. Based on US-based engineering degree and management practices his experience spans several industries as well as geographical and cultural environments. Projects include start-up companies in the alternative energy sector (Austria), restructuring semiconductor industrial supply and service companies (US, UK, and Singapore), internet and media (Austria and Greece), and funding for luxury real estate development projects (Dubai and Vienna).

Andreas spent 25 years in California’s Silicon Valley where he collected first-hand experience both in cutting edge technology as an engineer and evangelizer as well as in management of technology driven organizations. Starting out as an instructor of microprocessor embedded design he spent 9 years as a production and sales engineer in the defense industry (ROLM Mil-Spec Computers). He subsequently learned product development from the ground up as a product manager at high-flying MIPS Computer Systems, where he participated in its Silicon Valley IPO (1989). Always seeking new challenges, Mr. Kyriakos subsequently joined several technology companies in the Networking and Object Technology software sectors and founded his own digital information company seeking capital on Page Mill Road (pre-Internet). Recognizing the rise of the Internet as a world-changing force and desiring to return to Europe he joined Blue-C, a Vienna based Internet and “New Economy” company where he wrote business plans and acted as COO during the last successful Internet-IPO on the Neue Markt in Frankfurt in 2000.

He has since led an internet media company in Athens, Greece, founded and raised capital for a green energy company in Austria (Cycleenergy) as well as founded an international business advisory (Accardia, UAE) and a real estate development company (Pure Property Development, Austria).

Having been a strong advocate of technology and having actively participated in bringing capital to bear on the opportunities especially the Internet creates, Mr. Kyriakos now seeks to contribute his experience in reversing the imbalance potent corporate interests have raked on the exploitation of the common open TCP/IP world-wide infrastructure.


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